Thursday, March 1, 2018

Here is Why the Owner of Empress Signs LLC will NEVER BOW DOWN or MAKE Black Lives Matter Materials, EVER!!!

While our Black American Youth are Being, Systematically, BRAINWASHED and Tricked into Begging All on earth to Acknowledge the, otherwise, well known FACT that Black Lives Matter (to the full Determent of all else), I continue to operate my sign company, opened in 1995, as a Living Testimony to the obvious FACT that a Black Lives, Do, Have and Can Still Matter, if only we Refuse to Drink the "Koolaid!

For the Record and Contrary to NUDGE Science spawned "Popular Beliefs" that are systematically sewn into American conscious, via Mental Usurpation and the Systematic Obfuscation of Actual Black ACHIEVEMENT and relative Black Progress, nationwide, Empress Signs LLC. is a 100% Black Woman Owned Business that still Remembers, Exactly, How Great America Could Be, if only America can free itself of the Subversives who would Weaponize Us All,  Only because they can more profoundly then anytime in history.

As the founder of Empress Signs LLC, I  also happen to be the Daughter of a Successful Black American Entrepreneur, and the Granddaughter to Three additional Black Entrepreneurs.

Not only was my father the founder and Builder of the James N. Thompkins Funeral Home on 42nd and Girad Ave. in West Philadelphia, he was also a Celebrated Navy Man who Developed his own well engineered Inventions in behalf of  the US NAVY Aeronautics Division.

I watched my father Rebuff Hidden Handed Corporate Overlords who'd offered to pay him and the Last Bastion of Strong Black Businesses in the name of newly implemented Corporate Run Funeral Homes.

For me it was No Accident, Whatsoever, that "they" began paying Funeral Homes quite handsomely to allow Systematic USURPATION on the eve of "their" Dubious New Human Organs Trade.

I also watched my Father Lead his Community-Wide Civics Group. They they worked, daily, to Stave off pending Gentrification all along Park-side Avenue corridor, now the place, practically, Rolled Up in behalf of Microsoft and his Hidden Handed Ilk who saw blood in the water as soon as our Strongest members who were  holding the Line for so long began to die off one by one. 

Like so many Black luminaries, such as, my more celebrated Uncle, Proctor Massie, the first Black Physics Professor at the infamous Annapolis Naval Academy, or those who were selectively illustrated in the Movie, Hidden Colors, it was my father's Patented Invention that helped to Advance, Post-War, America and it's Allies from behind the scenes.

My father's many contribution/s to America's Aeronautic and Space Programs were actually Celebrated as far as France and beyond and not lost on me, either, is how France was openly Chided for their public Respect, Admiration and Acceptance for America's systematically Repudiated Blacks.

My own Uncle, Samuel (Proctor) Massie was one the most Prolific Black Operatives who's GENIUS was tasked, first-hand, in the making of the notorious Manhattan Project.

Besides MATTERING as one of the Youngest Black Men to inter into College, just before his 13th Birthday, Uncle Proc would go on to become the First Negro Professor at the, World Renown, Annapolis Naval Academy in Washington DC. , where the World's future leaders of all Races would go to be schooled by him in Physics.

Sadly, for me the empirically evidenced dichotomy of Black Excellence -vs- Racist Claims and a Sad Reality for most Blacks, alike, is evident Allegorically, yet few can understand, exactly, why this dichotomy continues to exist for blacks at all. 

The World indeed, Realizes Black Greatness on many fronts across the board, but, not without an Unspoken Caviot that is illustrated so well in the following Condi Nast Illustration of old.

There in-lies the express Goal of a long standing Hidden Hand. Their Hidden Handed Objectives of old are still reflected, algebraically, in all that has Openly manifest within the Black Community Nationwide.

It is by way of a narrow view of blacks, carefully crafted by those who have studied us well, that  a certain undercurrent may be embedded, systematically, into the minds of us all and thereby our entire fate may be imparted within the entire black Society by way of the estranged and Secretive, Aspirations of a Few chosen ones, such as those who are Initiated by Patrons into the Elitist Ranks of the Boule Class, such as, one Barack Obama who's Patrons, with Full Cover of Readily Angered and Brainwashed Blacks, remain to be Seen or Tried. 

We see glimpses of that same Hidden Hand manifest in the daily works of the, so called, Boule Class. Their their Triangular Works  that repeat themselves in every generation have now manifest in their, so-called, Social Impact paradigms and each of their Media Monopoly spawned SOCIAL INCITES are Tooled to be relative to the Overall Goal as they are designed to forward the Secretive Works of their Purposeful Hidden Hands that remain rested firmly upon Black spoils beginning from the top of the greatest Pyramid Scheme, to date, and the Taking of the Golden Capital in Gaza.

Today we may watch, for our Entertainment Pleasure, the Black Youth inside of the School that was Built, ceremoniously, in my own Uncle, Proctor Massie's Good Name.

Just as we may realize, only through Biblical Revelation, exactly, how and why Black Men were Turned GREEK, in the Proctor Massie Elementary School we can see how Black Children are openly subjected to the Hidden Handed OLIGARCH's latest SOCIAL IMPACTs schemes developed in the name of  C.O.R.E education and NUDGE BRAIN Science (Stem) ploys.

Nationwide, there are Countless Blacks who are held up for systematic BRAINWASHING in Eli-Brode (Hedgefunder) Usurped Schools where they were being systematically Radicalized by rudiments practice by the Weather Underground.

Via the Florida School Shooting We see the glimpse of ties with the Charter School Infiltrators the likes of Turkish born Terrorist. Somehow we were trained to Ignore Barak Obama's Socialist/Communist Past and his own ties to Bill Ayers of  the Weather Underground, alike, and all they Achieved in the Cover of Darkness all under the banner of Charter schools, and thanks to the work of the Crooked as Hell, Clinton's, also.

Besides being spun into a Real-Time, WorldStar HipHop Styled Mockery on Youtube, the Children "educated" at the Samuel P. Massie school Pride themselves on Their Foolish Greek Dancing Styles not knowing how like our beloved Predecessor, they too, are now being USED FOR THE GREATEST, most DEVIANT Social Experiment ever to take place in America, since the Rockefeller's first Usurped and funded the, infamous, Tuskegee Syphilis Program and ongoing Programs thereafter, both Biological and Mental.

With the same Hal-mark Irony, those Hidden-Handed Oligarchs of the same REV 3:9 Exposed ilk as the Rockefellers, are now developing a 21st Century Slave Trade in Plain Site!

Today we can find Echos of SLAVERY embedded inside of their Goldman Sachs Managed human capitalization plan developed under the fake auspice of , Barak Obama's Pay for Performance otherwise known as Social Impact Investment Bonds.

The program was Spearheaded from London by the former G8's Sir Ronald Cohen, and through their systematically Usurped American Institutions, such as, Harvard University (Kennedy School of Business)  they used the Manhattan Project example as their guide and Inspiration for Getting EVERY Usurped City on-board as, so-called, Early Adapters and as a Practical Workaround to Federal -v- State Sovereignty after being practically flushed out from the belly of the Feds via the likes of Occupiers upon the Ocupy Wallstreet moment and by such participants and the first Tea Party membership All, since formulaically, Usurped by the, so called, Deep-state, but not without the help of hungry black shills like Philadelphia's Mayor, Michal Nutter, a Clinton Sycophant of the Highest Degree .

Proctor Massie's wife, my aunt, Gloria (Thompkins) was a writer for Jet Magazine's Society Section, where Black Dignitaries who visited Washington D.C. were all Cited as the Important and Intelligent Movers and Shakers that they truly were.

Unlike the Bought and Paid for Black Writers of today, get Perks and Prestige to pen at the Becon Call of George Soro's for the forwarding of his MURDEROUS Social Justice Warrior BRAND, her Articles were, rather, Uplifting and Quite Telling of our Relative PRE-CIVIL-RIGHTS-MOVEMENT-Achievements, with not one Self Loathing Complaint, whatsoever.

Then, there were no obligatory, ECHO CHAMBERED, Complaints  received Tecnoratically via the CNN ' School of Subversive Thought, such as, we see manifest in the,otherwise, well-healed, yet COMPLAINING "Men" of the TARGETED and USURPED NFL today.

Then, my aunt was Free and Willing to Write About our,  relative, Success in America before that Hidden Handed Ilk of Bureaucrats decided to SOCIALIZE all out as Useful Idiots, all, where via our Taken Schools Ready , Mindless, Weaponized Social Justice Warriors could Triggered, Socially Incited, and Plied Nationwide and More Instantaneously all for the Personal Profits and Disruptive Gains had by the Hidden Handed ilk Bolshevik Style. (Just in time for their 100 year Anniversary and the Kickoff of their Social Disruptions in Russia, and the Only reason they still Hate Vladimir Putin and the Russian So, perhaps second to their Acceptance and Uplifting of Ganible at the embarking of their First Merchant Class Driven Slave Trade)

Upon careful consideration and hind-sight, however, I see that it was the Glowing, In Your Face, Reports of Black Progress and Privilege that might have served that hidden handed Ilk of Patron/Meddlers as the salt on the wounds of the forever Bullied Whites, they call Goyim. Today, just as was practiced and perfected on Studied and Patronized Blacks it is they who are now being systematically Brainwashed into Loathinng their own race.

It is clear upon my own research that certain, Hidden Handed Ilk, did perfect their BRAINWASHING ploys begining with their First Black shills, such as, W.E.B. DuBois, a Useful Tool in the Establishment of Planned Parenthood. Or by way of,  Barney Hill who is said to have sighted the First UFO a Natiowide Ploy and Cover for Mass Hypnosis and the fometation of Mass Hysteria, all too common today. We can see, via hind-sight also, their practical Use of the Hand-Select Made Men and Women that constituted the first Black Panthers full of Men who were first MK Ultraed and their now Suicided Manchurian Candidate alike. 

Rather than my Aunt being Professionally Fixated, as per daily Talking Points, on covering a mythological black, who was of a an Inherently Downtrodden and Beggarly Race, she was assigned to Write on the Most Wealthiest Mighty-Men and Women with Pride.

Now, it is our most Patronized, Wealthy Blacks, who can  be, so easily Brought Down to their knees in ACTS of Abject Prostration and Perpetual Complaint. These Bad Actors are are now Mentally OWNED and, thereby, Tasked to Act Out on Que, such as, our Black Mighty-Men of the NFL and the Morgan Freeman's of America, alike.

While it was a Compromised James Baldwin and his Kind who could be Commissioned to write us into the Downtrodden Black on his Homosexuality Beat, there was still Plenty of Progress and American GREATNESS to be seen, had, and cited until the systematic USURPERS finally perfected their craft by way of Men like Banyard Rustin who helped hand-craft our so-called, Civil Rights.

After their Civil Rights Farce, we are now witness to the Roll-out of Every Dubious Lesson Learned, upon our Most Gullible Blacks, first and foremost. Every Foul Social Ploy tried first on their Targeted Blacks, has now been systematically UPSCALED and DEPLOYED Nationwide, to include loathed Whites and namely, hated CHRISTIANS, as well.

For the Record, upon writing on Black Trendies for Jet Magazine, inside of my Aunt's stories I find practically Couched and Forgotten Our Black History that might, otherwise, still serve as a Powerful Reminder and a practical Blue-Print for ACTUAL BLACK SUCCESS IN AMERICA, but at last, That Rag that was first Infiltrated by the Hidden Handed (CIA) who thought a Celebrated Black was Weapon Enough has USURPED the Jet-Rag Too and thereby, it too is Tooled to Socially Incite Us All towards a More Rapid Decline as the once, Hidden Handed EMPIRE now Feels, themselves, far Too Big To Fail, but Irronically, Not Without Our Help at Every Turn, that is, Either Dead or Alive.

Together, along with the Socially Impacted, beleaguered Whites,  America is still a GREAT Place to be, both, Unapologetic, and Unequivocally, Unless George Soro's and that Hidden Handed Ilk, finally gets there way with ALL OF US.


Regrouping and Recovering from the Obama Administration's Vast Penchant for REGULATION

As I regroup and recover from the Obama Administration's Vast Penchant for REGULATION in behalf of Pay to Play and Corporate interest, I tend to lament publicly, as always.

In my About the Owner page for Empress Sign LLC.'s website here's what I wrote...

"After enduring Two of President Obama's, Costly POLITICAL Regulations that specifically Targeted America's long-standing Neon Sign Industry (likely in Behalf of the Podesta Brother's Client, GE) I was forced to shutter our Neon Operation for a few years, but the good news is, Our New Neon Sign Shop will be Re-Opened by My Daughter in Mid 2018 in Philly, PA."

Relative to GE's direct Affect on America's Neon Sign Industry, as signaled by Trade
Publication Ads placed by GE as early as a Decade ago, and with my desire for Full Understanding about what has taken place in America for at least 30 years of systematic decline, here's is one of the Most Telling Articles to date in #SeekingAlpha.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Grand Re-Opening of Empress Signs LLC. is just Days Away!!!

No longer are we Manufacturing Custom Neon Signs, due the Vast Governmental Regulations that have Practically Killed the Neon Light Industry Nationwide in favor for General Electric's entry into LED's.
General Electric just happens to be one of the First Major Client's for the infamous Podesta Brothers, notorious for their Hints to Pizzagate Pedophilia and possible connections to Clinton related Child Abduction...s from Haiti.
FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T STOMACH A GREAT AMERICA AGAIN, Do Consider how much you have HATED the Thirty Years in the Making ALTERNTIVE to a Restorative President Donald J. Trump!



It is now clear to see how Tony Pedesta and his General Electric hired Lobbing Firm and Corporate Client/s, all, have helped to Contrive Nation/Wealth Killing Government Regulations against the Rest of Us...

Thanks to new hindsight, 20/20 clarity, plus new leadership incites, it is now clear to see how Tony Pedesta and his General Electric Lobbing Firm Client/s have helped to Contrive Nation/Wealth Killing Government Regulations, the first to UL Electrical Codes, the Second a Mandate for Lead-less Bending Glass. These Government Regulations, forwarded under the Obama Administration, were key for Causing Neon Shops Across America to Shutter their Doors FOREVER.
Outside of my Industry, which Served American Small Businesses, first and foremost, The abrupt Retraction in American Small Business, and the ultimate Turnaround to the American Economy, were Long-Felt since the Beginning of the first TECH Bubble that began to Spawn our Slow and Systematic Economic Downfall.
More importantly, Podesta, GE, and the Clinton's Social and Economic Meddling has caused a Troubling Shift in our Entire Economy as the Wealth of this entire nation began pouring UPWARDS to the 1.9% ,all while the MIDDLE CLASS were being systematically Routed into New, New World Order that are no more than Communist and Feudalistic Paradigms disguised under an Umbrella of Fake Names such as "Social Impact Bonds" and "Pay for Performance" (All Conveniently Leveraged Off of the Backs of my Fellow, Beguiled Blacks for Cover and Effectiveness!).
These new, yet Old turn-of-the-last-century paradigms all emanated from the Same "Brain-Trust" that Developed America's Pension-Killing, State and Local Bankrupting that happened -via- Dubious Venture Capital Investment Ploys that Sir Ronald Cohen of the former, and Ever More Eroding G8, first conjured up.
Now what we have today (Total Kayos, Economic Uncertainties, Distracting Wars and the Brink of No Return), Sir Ronald Cohen calls, "His Second Bounce of the Ball" and Just for Sport, he and his Ilk are Still Playing America and Key Warring Nations on Earth, daily, for Keeps!!!!
WAKEUP PEOPLE, Rev 18:4 Ends their Madness as None of it Happens but for the FACT that "We'd" SIMPLY go along. :(
(Goldman Sachs Social Impact Bonds = SLAVERY 2.0!)
Either Way, It's a New Day @ Empress Signs LLC. because for us Rev 3:9 and the Merciful, Wise, Words of God are REAL!
No, after over 25 years as a Neon Journeyman Glass-bender I don't do NEON anymore as the REGULATIONS have yet to be repealed as promised by Donald Trump President President Donald J. Trump but there are still Many Great and New Hand-Crafted Items in-store so Stay Tuned! :0)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

20/20 Hindsight and New American Leadership is Lighting the Way so we may Overcome Ameican REGULATIONs Against Home-Grown Companies and Wealth for All.

I have always likened my Business to a Canary in a Coalmine, in that the first hints of economic distress resonated inside of my B to B Sign Shop as a telltale sign for what was to come.

It is only by way of 20/20 hind-sight and by having a True Business Leader who Could Speak Directly to the Main Problems at hand, have I come to realize how My Company, and how Most American Companies have Been, Purposely, Affected by way of Petty REGULATIONS that were likely designed, expressly, to KILL Small and Large American Businesses alike, for as long as they were not Owned and/or Controlled in full or in part by the, so-called, Globalist Elite.

First I saw GE take aim at my Industry in the way of Full Page Trade Mag Adds that maligned the NEON craft and trade as a immediate danger and threat to its Corporate Peers who had relied on Neon for over a Century.

Then shortly thereafter came the UL Regulatory Disruption forcing Neon Electrical Components Manufacturers to reformulate Neon Transformers to the degree that Deadline Induced Bugs ended up into my Daily Supply Chain causing my Company to field Recalls, Irate Customers and a Loss in Sales until the Manufacturers Got it right. The problem is, they never did get it right making Neon signs fail in Clarity and Brilliance in less than One year of Operation, whereas my Older Signs remained brilliant for at least a Decade with no service at all. Neon signs, prior to forced regulations could last for a Century if cared for properly.

Finally, the last straw came when the American Regulators Took the Led Out.

Obama's Regulatory Goons placed the nail squarely in the American neon manufacturing coffin by making the malleable glass we relied on Frigid and Nearly Impossible to work with and cut.

While I relished being the last "man" standing in the Neon Trade in my area, I certainly choose to Shutter my Neon Business in Direct Response to the Scheduled and Persistent Regulations Donald Trump has Vowed to Repeal.

While I once thought China and their LED alternatives were the main Culprit, the Sad Story About AMERICAN Corporate Confluence, Wayward Regulation, and the consequent Small Business Cannibalization is coming into full view. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Divine Lorraine Neon Restoration Project

Thanks to Len Davison of Davidon Neon, Empress Signs LLC. just got an opportunity to work on the Historic Divine Lorraine Neon restoration Project!...

Len Davidson, Davidson Neon Museum Curator and Author of Vintage Neon, has gotten his hands on a vintage sign from the heart of Philadelphia's Divine Lorraine Hotel. 

The first Neon Sign to be restored is a 5' long Hot Pink Neon Sign that reads, COMMUNION TABLE. Next, I hope to receive parts of the Iconic Rooftop 
sign for the Divine Lorraine Hotel.

My mother once shared very fond memories about the Divine Lorraine Hotel with my brother and I, and she may have even taken us there when we were very small, something I cannot confirm due to her passing a over decade ago.

The Divine Lorraine Hotel was the brain-child of one, Father Divine (aka George Baker or Reverend Major Jealous Divine). 

His hotel was the first of its class in Philadelphia, or indeed in the United States, to be fully racially integrated.

He was known to serve elaborate dinners in a grand communal dinning hall with meals that were only .25 each. My mother often comment on how orderly and wholesome the meals were. She often quote the one sign that stood out for her throughout the dining hall. The signs read "Take all That You Want but Eat all You Take", a testimony to Father Divines Prudent sense of charity. 

I always tried to imagine what the inside was like, considering how predominate the Divine Lorraine edifice  stood long after the incredible charitable icon closed its doors. Now I have a piece of her the Divine on my workbench and I am looking forward to my roll in bringing this small piece of history back to life in time for the long awaited Divine Lorraine revamp.

For Custom Neon Signs & Lighting Call Empress Signs LLC (856) 784-2767 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

President Obama is "Helping" China See the Light

At last, there IS definitely a Neon Light at the end of the tunnel! This powerful and telling statement just came in from one of my most reliable trade groups via the Neon list-server, Neon-L.
I've noticed some of the cheapo import neon sign retailers (, etc.) seem to have raised prices - some dramatically . Also learned one of the larger ones whom has a corporate office here in Austin is closing. - liquidating all signs in stock. Increased labor costs in China? Too much shipping damage? A year or two ago you could get a custom neon sign made and shipped from overseas for 200.00. Almost impossible to find that now. - John Anderson

In response, OH HAPPY DAYS!!!

"Neon Glassbenders were like canaries in the coal mine, relative to the economic health of America during the "crash", so, we too are front-line witnesses of a slow but steady rise in construction amounting to small business activity that  translates into New Neon Sign Orders.

Reverberating through American markets are low rumblings of actual progress (see stock market's highest earnings in 5 years in early March), and I don't have to tell you, that means brighter days ahead!"

 While our Congress is showing themselves to be an incapable bunch of twits on the budget front, it is apparent to me that President Obama is making significant policy changes on the Imports front. Of course, news of war and international intrigue make the headlines, so we'll just have to wait for these reports of recent China Deficit "Corrections", to surface to mainstream after the so-called fiscal "cliffhanger" is past us for better or worse.

 IMO, We can all Lighten Up now... Barring war, I feel the worst is over :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Neon, New Jersey and the Fiscal Cliff... Empress Signs LLC. has a Feeling there's Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Neon, New Jersey and the Fiscal Cliff... 

Fact is, neon sign manufacture rises and falls with the fate of all American Business. Small businesses and big business alike know the necessity of well lit sign, so more business means more signs.

As I write, there are signs of life on the marketplace horizon. Construction projects have come alive while it continues to be relatively warm in the N/W, and though the fiscal cliff still looms, I feel businesses await just at the gates to relaunch into whatever direction is best for America. While we wait for a few Americans in congress to get on board and moving forward again, Americans seem to be poised for a new day and optimistic as ever. 

Sure American Neon has had to take a back-seat to China's dimmer L.E.D's, but the Light Emanating from Real Neon still looms at the forefront where our American Business Survivors do well and these surviving businesses are lighting the way for the American return.

Visit Empress Signs LLC. on-line

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

True confession of a New Jersey Neon Glassbender...

I know I should stay positive, but a part of me is thinking... regardless of the possible consequences of my rant, as it may not work in my favor for it's negativity, perhaps if I blog about my dilemma a solution may come my way.

Ok, so here's my dilemma... After nearly 20 years in the Neon Sign business, I took a maternity leave just as the economy tanked and commercial vacancies began to dot the business landscape like ghost-town props. I have just now to emerge, and frankly it feels worse than starting over again. 

I have come to realize the hard way that the greatest asset for my business, prior to my leave, was my company website..

As I was ready to wake up from my maternal euphoria and dust down the Neon plant I learned that my ten year old web name was essentially hijacked and pimped to the highest bidder.

Of course it was my fault, not updating my email address from the long left AOL account I started on the internet with, to the one I use the most, I am still just now realizing how essential that website I took for granted was to my company...

Today, and every day since I relaunched my website using my secondary web address name, I checked the Google ranking using two, once reliable, keywords, NEON NEW JERSEY, ok make it three, only to see I am nowhere to be found!

Knowing what I know about algorithms, strong content, back-links, and my bank account, I know that it might be a long while before I get to the top ranking page again. :(

What I am treated to now are other companies that are listed under my winning keywords "NEON NEW JERSEY", and there's one there that even has the audacity to start their web introduction with the following words... 

"Greetings! If you were directed to this page because you were looking for a local New Jersey neon sign store, please read on. We're going to be honest here, we are not located in New Jersey (in fact, we're in Virginia) but we want to tell you about the many advantages of buying a neon sign online from 1-2-3 Neon Signs (that would be us)."

Ugh!!! ... You do feel my pain, right???

While I strategize my come-back I have to remind myself of an old saying I took the liberty to modify... "All is fair in Love, War, and Business" and this way I can't get mad. 

Meanwhile, I'll take the expert's advice, which allows me to kill two birds with one stone... Blog about the real life saga of a Real New Jersey Based Neon sign company where the Neon is Actually Manufactured right here in New Jersey, a place that my company Empress Signs LLC. has served since 1995', and I get to share with you the real plight in the day to day life of  a lost breed, the Neon Glassbender.

With that said... Am I there yet? :o)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

If you love Neon Lights you will surly appreciate this wonderful table-top book on Vintage Neon, written by Len Davidson, a former sociology professor who now resides in Philadelphia PA. (Order Vintage Neon on-line)

Davidson has developed a life-long appreciation for neon and has become a local champion for its preservation.

Several of his own museum quality Vintage Signs, consisting of highly crafted commercial Neon salvaged from a bygone era, as well as, Artistic Neon works fashioned by local artists, are now on display at the AIA building on 12th & Arch St, in Philadelphia PA.

The Neon Art: Folk, Found, & Fine Exhibit is a free and a wonderful addition to the incredible sights to be found in the heart of historic PA. I recommend, to everyone who appreciates neon, you swing by before- July 27, 2012 to bask in the glow of these fascinating vintage signs and incredible neon works of art.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Be sure to visit the Neon Art exhibit: "Folk, Found, & Fine", Happening now...

Be sure to visit the Neon Art exhibit: "Folk, Found, & Fine", Happening now at the Philadelphia Center for Architecture on 1218 Arch Street  Philadelphia, PA, from June 4 – Jul 27, 2012. Opening Reception: Friday, June 8, 6-8 pm.

This fascinating exhibit demonstrating all aspects of neon is Organized by Philadelphia’s own neon artist, Len Davidson.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Empress Signs LLC. is on the map!

Check out our landmark business associate below on Google Maps. They have all chosen brilliant Neon Signs & Lighting by Empress Signs LLC., ensuring their business will get and stay on the map in the eyes of consumers who pass by daily for years to come.
Our efficient Custom Neon Signs & Lighting can get your business much needed attention necessary to attract and retain customers 24/7.

Call 856-248-0136 today for a quote for brilliant neon signs & lighting for your business and keep "on the map" for years to come.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

There are a few changes at Empress Signs LLC., namely, we have consolidated our company websites into one. is no more, and you can now find us for all of your Custom Neon Signs & Lighting needs at

Though we are still fully dedicated to being your New Jersey based premiere Neon Sign Manufacturer we've expanded our sign services to include promotional materials for all of your Print Ad & Marketing needs, and we've added several new products, in partnership with our Amazon affiliates, that are convenient to order on-line at any time.

You will find a vast array of Stock Neon Products, Trade Show Materials & Assets, Automotive Decals, Books about Neon, and More. Order on-line 24/7 and your product will be shipped directly to your home or office via our trusted partners at 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

About the Artist

Celebrating Twenty Years in the Sign Industry!
Glassbender, and Graphic Artist Eileen Thompkins 
Eileen Thompkins began her profession as a freelance artist in 1995 and was taught  the art of glass bending at a notable, full service sign company located in Southwest Philadelphia in 1989.  

Thompkins opened Empress Signs LLC in 1997 and her goal was to create neon sign designs and products that are artistically fabricated and distinguishable from the commercial neon signage so common to our business landscape today.  Read More About Neon Glass Artist ... 

Why I Love Neon

Signs Speak Louder than Words, An Urban Artist's Journey Into the Neon Trade(PRWEB) August 8, 2005 -- Eileen Thompkins' love for graphics and lettering evolved out of her earliest experiences growing up in a city where graphic imagery was all around her.

Painted signs and neon lights displayed by the businesses in Thompkins' West Philadelphia community, inspired her at a very young age. All along Market Street merchants offered goods and services, from appliances to zucchinis, and just as impressive to Thompkins, were the colorful signs and displays used to help the merchants promote their wares.

In particular she noticed and remembered the signs that were painstakingly hand painted by local sign-men, the Wilson Brothers.

Monday, April 4, 2011


NEON - An inert gas found in the air you breathe.
The word Neon is synonymous with brilliantly colored signs and lighting. The Packard company displayed one of the first signs commercially in the early 1900's and not long after merchants realized neon's potential for grabbing attention. By the 1920's neon would be used at the world fare to help showcase the latest in technology. Since then we've used neon to create ambiance and excitement for businesses and brands all over the world.
Neon lights come in many vibrant colors. Minerals that exhibit florescence when illuminated are used to coat the inside of glass tubing. Color pigment may also be embedded in the glass itself. "Fill" gases such as Argon, Neon, and Helium are used inside of a vacuumed tube with electrodes placed on each end for the introduction of electricity to achieve color and illumination.
Neon Gas produces a brilliant red glow when illuminated. Argon and helium are combined to produce a dim blue light. Argon and helium serve as a carrier for minuscule amounts of Mercury added to evoke the brilliant glow found in fluorescent lighting. These factors are combined to achieve brilliance in neon color and design.
See glass colors EGL Neon Color Chart
See Neon Terminology EGL Neon Glossary